Terms and conditions



  • The delivery of orders is made within the urban or metropolitan areas of cities, as well as in areas considered as safe for the operation of transport, a criterion of the carrier.
  • The activities are not performed in an exact schedule, they handle different delivery ranges during the day and depend on the anticipation with which the orders are fulfilled.
  • The product may be received by any relative or person of legal age who has or is present at the delivery address, for which the name and signature is registered for subsequent confirmation.
  • If the recipient is not present at the delivery site to receive the dispatched product, or the authorized person is not present, the order will be returned at the delivery location, the company will schedule the delivery / or the customer should contact Contact Center and reprogram the delivery of the product. If the product is not received after two visits made by the carrier, the company works with the return of the product. n this case, if the customer wants to resend the order, it is the customer's obligation to contact Customer Service to schedule the re-shipment of the order whose new shipment and preparation has a cost that will be borne by the customer.
  • In case there is no disagreement about the product at the time of delivery, the customer has 24 hours after receiving the product to notify the company about any inconvenience with it. After that time no claims are accepted.
  • If at the time of delivery of the product, the recipient rejects the receipt of the product for a reason beyond the responsibility of the company, the cost of the product will not be returned under any circumstances.
  • There will be no shipping cost, as long as the delivery address is located within the urban perimeter of the main city for which you made the purchase, this means that municipalities and surrounding areas may have an additional cost that varies from according to the distance and coverage of it; You can consult this cost by communicating directly through our means of care or, once the purchase is made, one of our advisors will communicate to indicate the value and means of payment through which you can cancel this additional cost; keep in mind that these additional costs may also apply for very small or remote cities, where it might even happen that the service can not be provided.
  • The composition of some arrangements or plants can vary without prior notice according to availability and with the intention of complying with the delivery date requested by the client.
  • We do not deliver on Sundays or holidays except on special dates, such as mothers day, Valentine's Day, secretary's day, etc.


  • If the client wishes to cancel the purchase, he must do so during the 24 hours following the time in which he made the purchase. If the order has not been sent to the address indicated by the customer, this cancellation will be effective without any cost. In case that the order has already been sent by our company to the address indicated by the customer, it must assume the cost of withdrawing the money and / or transaction, which has the same rate as the bank charged at the time of the purchase. Additionally, the client must take into account that even if he has made the cancellation of the purchase, the money may have been debited from his account, so he must validate the information directly with his bank.
  • To effect the cancellation of the purchase, the customer can communicate with the customer service line.



  • If the product was paid by credit card, the money will be refunded on the card used within 15 business days after the withdrawal is accepted. These reversal times depend directly on the consumer's bank.
  • To effect the cancellation of the purchase, the customer can communicate with the customer service line.
  • In the event that the customer receives a product with characteristics different from what is described on the page at the time of purchase, it must be communicated to the telephones of the page and coordinate with the commercial adviser the respective change.
  • The client must send the images of the product to [email protected] indicating in the subject of the mail the reason for the claim, within the next 24 hours after receiving the product.
  • Once the Customer Service area receives the required documents and the data is corroborated, within a period of 24 working hours compensation will be applied.
  • If the client does not send the requested images, the claim described by this policy will not be taken into account.


  • Thanks for accessing the website Orquídeas Bogotá (https://www.orquideasbogota.com/), operated by FloresColombia.CO. We respect your privacy and your personal information.
  • Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use and (under certain conditions) do not disclose your personal information. This Privacy Policy also explains the steps we have taken to secure your personal information. Finally, this privacy policy explains the procedures we follow regarding the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information.
  • Data protection is a matter of trust and privacy, which is why it is important for us. Therefore, we will only use your name and the information referring to you under the terms provided in our Privacy Policy and only to adequately fulfill the task entrusted by you to us.


  • We deliver the same day if the client requires it, as long as the transaction is approved and received via email, WhatsApp or bank deposit before 1 pm from Monday to Friday and before 10 am, on Saturdays or Colombian holidays. day delivery is required.
  • During Sundays and holidays there will be no deliveries in any city.
  • Orders received after 4pm Colombia time will not be confirmed until the next business day.
  • For special seasons such as mothers day, women's day, father's day and Valentine's Day. we make deliveries on Sundays and holidays.
  • Be aware that in Colombia there are holidays that are good in the rest of the world when it comes to scheduling your shipments within Colombia.
  • If you make a purchase any business day after 4 pm, it will be received the next business day and depending on the destination, delivered the day after receipt and approved the order.
  • The payments made via Baloto or efecty, take longer to be reflected in our system than transactions made with credit or debit cards, take into account this at the time of operations.

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